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Mark Gales is a Professor of Information Engineering in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory (formerly the Speech Vision and Robotics (SVR) group) and a Fellow of Emmanuel College. He is a member of the Speech Research Group together with faculty staff members Steve Young, Phil Woodland and Bill Byrne.

Research Interests

A brief introduction to speech recognition is available online. For a technical review see The Application of Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition. A draft review of model-based noise compensation schemes is also available.

Research Projects

Current projects:

Recently completed projects:


A full list of publications can be viewed here.


Current list of PhD Research Students and their general research topics:

  • Jeff Chen: Adaptive Meeting Transcription systems (Toshiba funded)
  • Eric Wang: Universal Acoustic Models (RATS/AGILE/Google Research Award part-funded)
  • Chunyang Wu: Canonical Models for Speech Processing (Natural Speech Technology funded)
  • Justin Yang: Non-Parametric models for speech recognition (EPSRC funded)
  • Austin Zhang: Structured Discriminative Models (Toshiba Funded)

Past PhD Research Students

  • Catherine Breslin : Complementary System Generation and Combination [pdf]
  • Martin Layton : Kernel Methods for Classifying Variable Length Data [pdf]
  • Hank Liao : Uncertainty Decoding for Noise Robust Speech Recognition [pdf]
  • Andrew Liu : Discriminative Complexity Control and Linear Projections for LVCSR [pdf]
  • Chris Longworth : Speaker Verification and Identification using Kernel Methods [pdf]
  • Anton Ragni : Discriminative models for speech (examined)
  • CK Raut : Discriminative Adaptive Training and Bayesian Inference for ASR [pdf]
  • Antti-Veikko Rosti : Linear Gaussian models for speech recognition [pdf]
  • Rogier van Dalen : Noise Robust Speech Recognition [pdf]
  • Khe Chai Sim : Structured Precision Matrix Modelling for Speech Recognition [pdf]
  • Nathan Smith : Using augmented statistical models and score spaces for classification [pdf]
  • Mathew Stuttle : Formant-like features for speech recognition [pdf]
  • Kai Yu : Adaptive Training for LVCSR [pdf]

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory please see the "Joining Us" page for information.


2012-2013 Prof Gales was on Sabbatical this year.


For the Engineering Department:

  • MPhil in Advanced Computer Science:
    • Machine Learning for Language Processing (L101)
    • Spoken Language Processing (L106)
  • Fourth year engineering undergraduates Module 4F10: Statistical Pattern Processing.
  • Material available online (local access only)
  • Fourth year engineering undergraduate projects offered 2011-2012 (local access only).

For Emmanuel College: (supervision timetable local access only)